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cane pastore tedesco - la nomenclatura
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ex Lupus on line (1996)
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Puppy rearing German Shepherd on the world
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Search the breed-surveyes of dogs in Italy, all dogs are in the database from 2004
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Championships results of Germany and Italy with statistics
Bundessieger-Zuchtschauen Breed-Show-Trial 'beauty/open'          Bundessiegerprüfungen Work-Show ' * SchH3 / IPO3 '         Bundessiegerprüfungen ' $ utility - IPO-FH '
Work-Show ' # utility - Flock of sheep '                    Bundessieger-Zuchtschauen Breed-Show- 'beauty/Stokhair-LSTH'
How to insert the data of one German shepherd dog in the database ?
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S.E.&O. Nomenclatur
Titles in Championship Breed-Show (beauty) and in Work-Show (SchH3/IPO3 - IPO-FH)
VA=Excellent select     V V* V$ V#=Excellent    SG SG* SG$ SG#=Very good    G G* G$ G#=Good    B*=Sufficient    M*=Drill with some errors that in Italy is NQ=Unsatisfactory    DI*=Unsatisfactory, out of control
T1=Doesn't leave       T2=Extant    T3=Doesn't extant    T4=Withdrawal of the dog    E.Z.(KRANK)=The dog was ill during the Championship(medical certificate)    U=Unsatisfactory
GHKL=Working-dog-class(+24 Months)   JHKL=Young-dog-class(from 18 to 24 Months)   JKL=Youth-dog-class(from 12 to 18 Months)
Nomenclature that the database uses
Championship Trial-Show:beauty/open (BZH=Bundessiegerzuchtschau)
(*)=Championship Work-Show:utility ABC (BSP=Bundessiegerprüfung)
($)=Championship Work-Show IPO-FH (BFH=Bundesfährtenhundprüfung)
(#)=Championship flock of sheep (BLH=Bundesleistungshüten)
Note: In the Championship Work-Show the "defence (C)" is not allowed in some States
Degree of displasy:
Hips(A) :   Normal   or   Near Normal   or  Acceptable                 Elbows(Z):   Normal(0:0)  or   Grade 1=Near normal (1:1)  or   Grade 2=Acceptable (2 to 5mm.)

Owner who declined to give information about his dogs NB*
When there is this written perhaps it could mean that the person has to hide some information about his dogs for irregularities or perhaps hidden forms of associativism to want to prevail with his dogs over the others people at all costs
and certainly not collaborating with the community. Before you buy the dogs from these people, although the dogs have the lofty qualities, do yourself questions as if to doubt what is sold or delivered. All this to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Nomenclatur + NB*  69058200
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