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Cane pastore tedesco
German shepherd dog
Deutsche Schäferhund
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(UK-USA)  Info database  A dynamic database about the German shepherd dog, created in 1982 by Bruno DA TOS
Data exist from birth of the breed of German shepherd dog today and the update is continuous
The pedigree are dynamic backward and updated, over 25000 full litters and over 58000 breed-survey of the dogs

Are you a new visitor ?  Registration is free to access data

If the data of your dog are not in the database
send us the copy of the dog's data by E-mail or
 to the following address :
Bruno DA TOS  - Via Gaffarello 57 - 30036 S.M. di SALA(VE) - ITALIA

We will insert free the dog's data  into the dynamic database
You will have not cost for our elaboration into the database

Note:  send the photo/picture as enclosed file by E-mail
These are the dog's data that the people like to see :
- pedigree (send us the copy of the pedigree)
- survey (send us the copy of the survey if the dog has it)
- a good photografy (standard  as we publish )

We will not insert photography with people or some articles or cars around the dog
  The dog needs to be over 18 months

with the exception of the first 30 dogs in the JHKL or JKL class in the Championships Breed-Show

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