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After  your free recording  you will see some footage when there is these into the Rankings film
Date of birth=15/06/2013   Tatoo/microchip(
Brothers(1/)=0   Sisters(2/)=0   Whelps=
Reg.number from/to=0  - 0
No Foto/Photo ASSO (I)=112288I13
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HODY D. CASA NOBILI (I)    54609I12
Date of birth=12/02/2012     IPO-ZTP
Degree of hips=Near normal   Degree of elbows=Normal
Breed survey-clas=*   Validity of survey=During one's life   
No Foto/Photo HODY D. CASA NOBILI (I)  General Survey 

Brothers and sisters = ALE2.
Brothers(1/)=0   Sisters(2/)=1
URBO V. LEITHAWALD (A)    2231872A
Date of birth=17/01/2009    IPO3
Degree of hips=Normal   Degree of elbows=Normal
Breed survey-clas=1   Validity of survey=2012-13    ZB*-#=V1/I
URBO V. LEITHAWALD (A)  General Survey Übermittelgroß,mittelkräftig,auffallend typ- und ausdrucksvoll,gepr 2gestark.SG Kopf mit dunklem Auge,hoher,langer Widerrist,SG ober und untere Linienführung,SG Gesamtwinkelung,SG Brustverhältnisse,gerade Front.SG,raumgreifende Gänge bei freiem Vortrittund kräftigem Nachschub.TSB ausgeprägt-läßt ab.
Brothers and sisters = UNCAS1/URBY1/UNA-DONNA2/UNIVERCE2.
Brothers(1/)=2   Sisters(2/)=2
FURBO D. ACHEI (I-SZ 2213251)   51437I06
Date of birth=11/04/2006     SchH3 IPO2
Degree of hips=Normal   Degree of elbows=Normal

General Survey
QUENN V. LÖHER WEG    2119344D
SchH3 IPO3 FH1
General Survey
FENIA D. ACHEI (I)    78365I02
General Survey
YVI V. LEITHAWALD (A)   2190844A
Date of birth=23/09/2006     IPO2
Degree of hips='A'

General Survey
VEGAS D. HAUT MANSARD (F-SZ 2164725)    569091F
General Survey
General Survey
NORA D. CASA NOBILI (I)   11631I10
Date of birth=07/07/2010    
Degree of hips=Acceptable   Degree of elbows=Normal
Breed survey-clas=   
No Foto/Photo NORA D. CASA NOBILI (I)  General Survey
Brothers and sisters = NYO1/NILO1/NERA2/NENSI2.
Brothers(1/)=2   Sisters(2/)=2
GECK D. CASA NOBILI (I-SZ 2236748)   40121I07
Date of birth=04/06/2007     SchH3
Degree of hips=Near normal   Degree of elbows=Normal

General Survey
TOR D. CASA NOBILI (I-SZ 2155021)    65171I03
General Survey
LINDA D. TORAJA (I)    45067I01
General Survey
ORNELLA V. HAUS CHRISTA (LOI 135562/10)   6827H06
Date of birth=15/06/2006     SchH1
Degree of hips=Normal   Degree of elbows=Normal

General Survey
QUENN V. LÖHER WEG    2119344D
SchH3 IPO3 FH1
General Survey
GERDA V. HAUS CHRISTA (H-5425)    2215851H03
General Survey
ZARA (I)    20231I10
Date of birth=01/12/2010     
Breed survey-clas=  
No Foto/Photo ZARA (I)  General Survey 

Brothers and sisters = DAGO1.
Brothers(1/)=1   Sisters(2/)=0
GREIF (I)    98042I00
Date of birth=19/12/2000   
Breed survey-clas=   
No Foto/Photo GREIF (I)  General Survey
Brothers(1/)=5   Sisters(2/)=2
ZORRO (I)    145483I98
Date of birth=08/12/1998     

General Survey
TROLL D. VAL CHEMONIA (I-SZ 1977948)    613409I
General Survey

General Survey
FUNNY (I)    129957I97
Date of birth=23/11/1997     

General Survey
RUSTY (I)    571122I

General Survey
ULA' (I)    601602I

General Survey
Date of birth=14/09/2003    
Breed survey-clas=     
No Foto/Photo ZARA D. BAIA DEI FENICI (I)  General Survey
Brothers and sisters = ZAC1/ZED1/ZASCO1/ZILLA2/ZORA2/ZISCA2.
Brothers(1/)=3   Sisters(2/)=3
KUOLL D. CASA NOBILI (I)    68514I99
Date of birth=22/12/1999     SchH3
Degree of hips=Near normal

General Survey
DON D. CASA NOBILI (I-SZ 2032324)    21635I97
General Survey
POLKA D. ONDA DI RIAL (I)    97364I98
General Survey
MOLLY (I)    129959I97
Date of birth=23/11/1997     
Degree of hips=Acceptable

General Survey
RUSTY (I)    571122I

General Survey
ULA' (I)    601602I

General Survey
Line breeding(consanguinity)=  URSUS BATU(6,6,6-5=8%)
Nomenclatur + NB*  69169537

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