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                   CARLO V. GROß-WECHSUNGEN        



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Date of birth=15/03/2002   Tatoo/microchip( 1951
Brothers(1/)=7   Sisters(2/)=1   Whelps=CÄSAR1/CANTO1/CARO1/CAY1/CLIFF1/CONDOR1/CESSY1/CORA2.
Reg.number from/to=2110210  - 2110218
No Foto/Photo CARLO V. GROß-WECHSUNGEN=2110212D
Web-Pedigree/Genealogy Sons and daughters Longhaired sons/daughters Web with pictures
Shows & Trial: beauty,work-Shows,working-Flock of sheep Grandchildren Longhaired Grandchildren Statistics direct discent
Web-Pedigree with the sixth generation Pedigree (sixth generation) with just names and numbers
PDF Pedigree to the sixth generation             PDF with sizes and weights
CARLO V. GROß-WECHSUNGEN https// pedigree alla VI generation
Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents Great-great-grandparents V generation VI gene.
( Padre )  1939208D
 1778072D  ISO V. KIRSCHENTAL  1705812D  JECK V. NORICUM  1655056NL  ODIN V. TANNENMEISE (NL-NHSB 1374024)  1547134D QUANDO V. ARMINIUS  1417644D - 1478659D
 1177079NL HÄSEL V. TANNENMEISE (NL)  1427790D - 1029455NL
 1624738D  ANETT V. NORICUM  1526684D URAN V. WILDSTEIGER LAND  1437161D - 1478659D
 1439761D ZILLY V. NORICUM  1373283D - 1217379D
 1589926D  ZIEWA V. KIRSCHENTAL  1419312D  QUAI V.D. BOXHOCHBURG  1326232D ARGUS V. ADUCHT  1255560D - 1216746D
 1340298D HETTY V.D. BOXHOCHBURG  1257564D - 1152816D
 1442405D  XITTA V. KIRSCHENTAL  1378829CH LASSO D. VAL SOLE (CH)  1133695D - 192860CH
 1319318D NIMI V. KIRSCHENTAL  1255561D - 1229243D
 1442405D XITTA V. KIRSCHENTAL  1378829CH - 1319318D
 1687643D  HOLLI V. HYLLIGEN-BORN  1622702D ALEX V. BERGMANNSHOF (SKK 50709/87)  1547134D - 1541791D
 1508652D FRIZZI V. SANDKOTTEN  1404586D - 1441692D
 156659DDR  QUESTA V. GROß WECHSUNGEN (DDR-SZ1819868  130904DDR  OLF V. FÜRSTENDAMM (DDR-SZ 1739564)  6207CS ENNO Z IGLOVA (CZ)  1359288D - 51358CS
 109241DDR FREIA V. FÜRSTENDAMM (DDR)  92324DDR - 1216746D
 125188DDR  INKA V. GROß WECHSUNGEN (DDR)  1672936DDR DON V. ROLANDSTEICH (DDR-108760)  61067DDR - 74641DDR
 97885DDR DINA V. GROß WECHSUNGEN (DDR)  73407DDR - 58498DDR
( Mother )  2052146D
 1798518D  BOCACCIO V. RITTERBERG  1696277D  ZAMB V.D. WIENERAU  1655056NL  ODIN V. TANNENMEISE (NL-NHSB 1374024)  1547134D QUANDO V. ARMINIUS  1417644D - 1478659D
 1177079NL HÄSEL V. TANNENMEISE (NL)  1427790D - 1029455NL
 1518782D  ICA V.D. WIENERAU  1398353D AXEL V.D. HAINSTERBACH  1378829CH - 1345419D
 1444921D LISSI V. HERMANNSGRUND  1347976D - 1243712D
 1628097D  NADINE V. BATU  1494567D  ONEX V. BATU  1400055D ULAN V. ADELOGA  1356041D - 1329006D
 1243709D ANDA V. KLEINEN PFAHL  1122617D - 1184567D
 1539740D  ZINA V. BATU  1467298D UX V.D. HALLER FARM  1341149D - 1396310D
 1371707D PLAYA V.D. PARTNACHKLAMM  1295098D - 1261801D
 1975347D  COSI V. RITTERBERG  1940816HR  DORIJAN YOHANESS BERG (HR-JR 13951)  1832215D  GANDI V. HEILBRONNER SCHLOß  1709509D KALLE V.D. NORISWAND  1526684D - 1570651D
 1740742D EIKE V. NEUEN BERG  1660846D - 1596842D
 49256HR  OLA V. YOHANESS BERG (HR)  1745820D GINO V. MESSEBAU  1660846D - 1657144D
 1649800D VALDA V.D. RISEL  1548386D - 1494929D
 1763098D  VILMA V.D. WIENERAU  1696277D  ZAMB V.D. WIENERAU  1655056NL ODIN V. TANNENMEISE (NL-NHSB 1374024)  1547134D - 1177079NL
 1518782D ICA V.D. WIENERAU  1398353D - 1444921D
 1696273D  XANDRA V.D. WIENERAU  1633408D CELLO V.D. RÖMERAU  1537382D - 1547138D
 1619157D USSI V.D. WIENERAU  1526684D - 1555296D
Line breeding(consanguinity)=  ODIN TANNENMEISE(4-4,5=16%) (Q-ARMINIUS QUANDO,QUANDO-QUANDO,QUANDO,QUANA(5,6-5,6,6=11%)) LASSO VAL SOLE(5,6-6=6%) (WILDSTEIGER LAND: URAN(5,5-6,6=9%) PALME(6,6,6-6=6%)
Nomenclatur + NB*  68047240