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                   CINDY V. PAPILLON        



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Date of birth=13/11/2000   Tatoo/microchip( 4834
Brothers(1/)=4   Sisters(2/)=3   Whelps=CAP1/CIMBO1/CIMON1/CLINTON1/CHIPSIE2/CONNY2/CORA2.
Reg.number from/to=2075222  - 2075229
No Foto/Photo CINDY V. PAPILLON=2075227D
Web-Pedigree/Genealogy Sons and daughters Longhaired sons/daughters Web with pictures
Shows & Trial: beauty,work-Shows,working-Flock of sheep Grandchildren Longhaired Grandchildren Statistics direct discent
Web-Pedigree with the sixth generation Pedigree (sixth generation) with just names and numbers
PDF Pedigree to the sixth generation             PDF with sizes and weights
CINDY V. PAPILLON https// pedigree alla VI generation
Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents Great-great-grandparents V generation VI gene.
( Padre )  2017496D
 1925848B  SCOTT V. DEODATUS (B-LOSH 721650)  1810104D  GUSTL V. WILDSTEIGER LAND  1705812D  JECK V. NORICUM  1655056NL ODIN V. TANNENMEISE (NL-NHSB 1374024)  1547134D - 1177079NL
 1624738D ANETT V. NORICUM  1526684D - 1439761D
 1725635D  KARMEN V. MURRTAL  1526684D URAN V. WILDSTEIGER LAND  1437161D - 1478659D
 1578940D AYKE V. MURRTAL  1505714D - 1486098D
 1806001D  KENTI V. FARBENSPIEL  1668047D  DON V. LENNEFETAL  1584215D GUNDO V. TRIENZBACHTAL (N-9973/89)  1522573D - 1482662D
 1604112D ALEXA V.D. BERGISCHEN RHÖN  1449693D - 1461930D
 1747276D  WENKE V. FARBENSPIEL  1675961NL FANDO V. SÜDBLICK (NL-NHSB 1314735)  1514119D - 1187896NL
 1657757D ASTRID V.D. KÖNIGSGARDE  1581559D - 1592385D
 1860866D  GUSTA A. AGRIGENTO  1788156NL  KIMON V. DAN ALHEDY'S HOEVE (NL)  1669141D  MARK V. HAUS BECK  1592045D FEDOR V. ARMINIUS  1491440D - 1478776D
 1547140D QUINA V. ARMINIUS  1417644D - 1478659D
 1577930NL  CANDY V. DAN ALHEDY'S HOEVE (NL)  1744120NL PUMA V. ALEXYRVO HOF (NL-NHSB 1467103)  1526684D - 1177079NL
 1173597NL JACKY V. DAN ALHEDY'S HOEVE (NL)  1460166D - 1044703NL
 1715579D  YOLLI V. KREUZBAUM  1655056NL  ODIN V. TANNENMEISE (NL-NHSB 1374024)  1547134D QUANDO V. ARMINIUS  1417644D - 1478659D
 1177079NL HÄSEL V. TANNENMEISE (NL)  1427790D - 1482662D
 1597247D  KATY V. ARMINIUS  1526684D URAN V. WILDSTEIGER LAND  1437161D - 1478659D
 1474812D OSSI V. KREUZBAUM  1404586D - 1375757D
( Mother )  1999764D
 1577930NL CANDY V. DAN ALHEDY'S HOEVE (NL)  1744120NL - 1173597NL
 1737627D  MARIT V. WILDSTEIGER LAND  1526684D URAN V. WILDSTEIGER LAND  1437161D - 1478659D
 1635172D GINA V. FINKENSCHLAG  1549594D - 1631681NL
 1816431D  WILMA V. MICHELSTÄDTER RATHAUS  1734069D  NILO V. ADELOGA  1668730D FANTO V. HIRSCHEL  1523173D - 1593830D
 1588375D TANJA V. ADELOGA  1526684D - 1494522D
 1733207D  QUISTA V. KIRSCHENTAL  1641809D KANTO V. KIRCHGARTEN  1546823D - 1572197D
 1675826D IRMI V. KIRSCHENTAL  1603066D - 1458275D
 1916751D  BONNI V. WIESENT-SCHLÖCHEN  1835682D  NICKO V. RUBINTROPFEN  1765082D  XANTO V. GRAUEN  1705812D JECK V. NORICUM  1655056NL - 1624738D
 1696763D RENA V. GRAUEN  1633408D - 1522407D
 1685388D  SARAH V. HAUS HAKATHERM  1592045D FEDOR V. ARMINIUS  1491440D - 1478776D
 1630590D ORINA V. ARMINIUS  1547134D - 1539836D
 1844537D  ANJA V. WIESENTHAUER SCHLOß  1730441D  SARO V. WIESENBORN  1668730D FANTO V. HIRSCHEL  1523173D - 1593830D
 1592384D ALFI V. WIESENBORN  1526684D - 1527014D
 1751326D  LISSA V.D. BURG HAIDSTEIN  1683760D IDOL V. LECHTAL  1571932D - 1593306D
 1689269D ANSCHY V. ARBERBLICK  1510250D - 1479654D
Line breeding(consanguinity)=  KIMON DAN ALHEDY'S HOEVE(3-4=19%) JECK NORICUM(4-5=9%) (ARMINIUS: FEDOR(5-6,5=8%) QUANDO,QUINA,QUANDO-QUINA,QUANDO(6,5,5-6,6=11%)) ODIN TANNENMEISE(5,4-6=11%) (WILDSTEIGER LAND: URAN(6,5,6,5-5,6,6=16%) PALME(6,6,6,6-6=8%))
Nomenclatur + NB*  68049831