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                   BRITTA V. STOPPELBERGER WALD        



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Date of birth=19/04/1998   Tatoo/microchip( 5458
Brothers(1/)=2   Sisters(2/)=3   Whelps=BANDIT1/BASKO1/BANJA2/BETZI2/BEIEN2.
Reg.number from/to=2016534  - 2016539
Web-Pedigree/Genealogy Sons and daughters Longhaired sons/daughters Web with pictures
Shows & Trial: beauty,work-Shows,working-Flock of sheep Grandchildren Longhaired Grandchildren Statistics direct discent
Web-Pedigree with the sixth generation Pedigree (sixth generation) with just names and numbers
PDF Pedigree to the sixth generation             PDF with sizes and weights
BRITTA V. STOPPELBERGER WALD https// pedigree alla VI generation
Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents Great-great-grandparents V generation VI gene.
( Padre )  2008846S
 1824926D  WOBO V. LÄRCHENHAIN  1751110D  CHICO V.D. LOHNER HEIDE  1696277D  ZAMB V.D. WIENERAU  1655056NL ODIN V. TANNENMEISE (NL-NHSB 1374024)  1547134D - 1177079NL
 1518782D ICA V.D. WIENERAU  1398353D - 1444921D
 1674727D  ANCHI V.D. LOHNER HEIDE  1603065D XARO V. HÜLSBACH  1526684D - 1392661D
 1581698D BRITTA V.D. FREIHEIT WESTERHOLT  1473879D - 1514123D
 1824916NL  JOGA V. NIEUWLANDSHOF (NL-NHSB 1648527)  1772499NL  ARRAS V. NIEUWLANDSHOF (NL-NHSB 1561822)  1592045D FEDOR V. ARMINIUS  1491440D - 1478776D
 1242293NL YLKA V. NIEUWLANDSHOF (NL)  1501595D - 1070631NL
 1480668NL  BABET A. KLOOSTER BERGEN (NL)  1675961NL FANDO V. SÜDBLICK (NL-NHSB 1314735)  1514119D - 1187896NL
 1613070D DINA V. LÄRCHENHAIN (NHSB 1375075)  1526684D - 1531528D
 30562S93  VANTA WINECKE'S (S)  1738053D  JANKO V.D. WIENERAU (NSK 12715/92)  1592045D  FEDOR V. ARMINIUS  1491440D LASSO V. WIEDENBRÜCKER LAND  1399234D - 1331909D
 1478776D FEE V. WEIHERTÜRCHEN  1417643D - 1376176D
 1619157D  USSI V.D. WIENERAU  1526684D URAN V. WILDSTEIGER LAND  1437161D - 1478659D
 1555296D XINTE V.D. WIENERAU  1458715D - 1480887D
 16985S91  BIBBI WINECKE'S (S)  1672336D  GLICKO V.D. KAHLER HEIDE (N-11944/90)  1586042D YAMBO V. WILDSTEIGER LAND  1526684D - 1489474D
 1610492D COCKI V.D. KAHLER HEIDE  1399234D - 1478776D
 6821S88  BESAME A. PERLEGÅRDEN (S)  1622702D ALEX V. BERGMANNSHOF (SKK 50709/87)  1547134D - 1541791D
 1530245D PERLE V. BAD-BOLL (SKK 20620/83)  1437161D - 1445282D
( Mother )  1856962D
 1807913I  VAX V.D. DOLOMITEN (I-LOI 461002)  1669141D  MARK V. HAUS BECK  1592045D  FEDOR V. ARMINIUS  1491440D LASSO V. WIEDENBRÜCKER LAND  1399234D - 1331909D
 1478776D FEE V. WEIHERTÜRCHEN  1417643D - 1376176D
 1547140D  QUINA V. ARMINIUS  1417644D XAVER V. ARMINIUS  1378829CH - 1202559D
 1478659D PALME V. WILDSTEIGER LAND (LOI 147659)  1386415D - 1405181D
 1685593D  TANNI V. WILDSTEIGER LAND (LOI 460774)  1606084D  INGO V. HAUS VÖGELE (LOI 410373)  1494341D WARRO V. ASTERPLATZ  1395542D - 1433954D
 1518701D EVE V. HAUS VÖGELE  1404964D - 1444595D
 1478659D  PALME V. WILDSTEIGER LAND (LOI 147659)  1386415D NICK V.D. WIENERAU  1289025D - 1264185D
 1405181D FINA V. BADSEE  1323996D - 1286598D
 1792572D  RICA V.D. URBECKE  1725091D  LORK V. HAUS BECK (LOI 526823)  1669146D  MORITZ V. HAUS BECK (N-11943/90)  1592045D FEDOR V. ARMINIUS  1491440D - 1478776D
 1547140D QUINA V. ARMINIUS  1417644D - 1478659D
 1518782D  ICA V.D. WIENERAU  1398353D AXEL V.D. HAINSTERBACH  1378829CH - 1345419D
 1444921D LISSI V. HERMANNSGRUND  1347976D - 1243712D
 1489474D DIXIE V. KLINGENHOF  1395542D - 1381033D
 1594665D  LINDA V. HAUS SCHITTMANN  1458715D VAX V.D. WIENERAU  1363751D - 1322835D
 1453729D JANKA V. SCHWITTERLAND  1338538D - 1359625D
Line breeding(consanguinity)=  (WILDSTEIGER LAND: YAMBO(5-4=9%) URAN(6,6,5,6-5=11%) PALME(6-5,4,6,6=14%)) (ARMINIUS: FEDOR(5,4-4,5=19%) QUANDO,QUANDO-QUINA,QUINA(6,6-4,5=13%) XANDO-XANDO,XAVER,XAVER(6-6,5,6=8%) IRK(6,6-6=5%)) (WIENERAU: VAX(6-5=5%) ICA(5-4=9%))
Nomenclatur + NB*  68042842